What is a shortening clutch?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Q: What is a shortening clutch?
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how much does shortening cost how much does shortening cost how much does shortening cost?

about 2.00$

What is plastic shortening?

Shortening with emulsifiers added to it

What does disty mean?

A shortening of distributor.Sometimes a shortening of distribution.

What is the best replacement for shortening?

Butter is the best replacement for shortening.

How is leg shortening done?

Leg shortening surgery is also performed under general anesthesia. Generally, femoral shortening is preferred to

What will happen if you bake with expired shortening?

The shortening may be rancid, which will taint the food. There may also be high levels of bacteria in the shortening.

How many cups of shortening 1 pound of shortening?

That is 2 cups.

How many grams of fat in a teaspoon of hydrogenated shortening?

Shortening is fat.

What happens to the bones when muscle shortening?

What happens to the bones when muscle shortening

Can vegetable oil be substituted for melted shortening?

It depends on the recipe. Shortening becomes solid at room temperature while vegetable oil does not. So vegetable oil may be substituted for melted shortening only in recipes that do not depend on shortening becoming solid for texture when cooled.

What is cup shortening?

Criscoapparently, but you cansubstituteit with butter. It's also your face. just kidding I just wanted to say that cuz I'm bored to death here in math class, but yeah this is the answer or this is what I found on yahoo answers lol

If you change regular shortening with flavored shortening does it change the recipe?

It depends on what you are making