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Q: What is a positive baulk ring synchromesh gearbox?
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What is the purpose of a baulk ring?

A baulk ring is a synchronizer component used in manual transmissions to help match the speed of gears before engagement. It reduces gear clash and wear on the transmission components by allowing smoother shifting.

What is a baulk ring?

A baulk ring is a gearbox / transmission component commonly found in most modern car gearboxes. It is a mechanism which helps ensure that gear changes are smooth and quiet by preventing the gears from being engaged until both components coming into contact are travelling at the same speed. The synchro cone is the component which actually speeds up or slows down the gears before they are engaged while the baulk ring stops the engagement taking place until the speeds match.

The material used for construction of the baulk ring?

copper based alloy, Phosphor bronze ;)

What is ther purpose of a screw thread finish surface on a baulk ring?

baulk ring is the device that prevent 2 knyans being selected at the same time

Why does my manual transmission pop out of gear?

maybe its worn synchromesh baulk ring, defective gear interlocking device, seized clutch release bearing, or spigot bearing partially seized on gearbox input shaft.... Had the geabox changed on my Escort when diff bearings went. Mechanics forgot to tighten the drain plug and it was popping out of 3rd when I put the clutch in - shifting gears had a lighter feel as well. I think it was 'cos the oil wasn't filling the clearances on the synchro and the making it easier for everything to move when there was no load on the gearbox. The truth is, the synchronizer rings have absolutely nothing to do with a transmission staying in a gear or popping out of a gear. Synchronizers only function is to "spin up" the gears as the engagement hub approaches the gear. Your problem is internal bearing wear or external linkage or mount problems.

Where is the speed sensor in a 1997 ford ranger?

its a pickup sensor on the rear of gearbox and runs of a reluctor ring in the box same as a abs sensor ring

Wont start or engine will not turn over?

Battery flat, or starter ring stuck? Charge battery. For starter ring: put in 3rd gear(ONLY if manual gearbox, NOT if automatic), take foot off clutch, get friends to help you rock car back and forwards, ring will free with a jump! NB do not try with auto gearbox. Also, could be starter soleniod, try tapping gently on starter casing.

Position of speedometer sender drive on fiat punto?

On the gearbox to the right hand side when looking from the front. To the back of the gearbox. Unplug wire and use 10mm spanner to undo. There is an o-ring so you need to pull a bit hard to get it out.

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