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Q: What is a person who gets along with everyone?
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Who gets along with Geminis?

Erm...everyone can!

To form a perfect union?

Everyone gets along.

Alice Cullen always gets along with everyone right?


What is the meaning of to everyone his due?

"To everyone his due" means that each person gets what he deserves.

How did James A. Garfield become your president?

Everyone who runs in the election gets votes and the person who gets the most votes wins and gets to be president.

Does all the cullens and hales always get along especially with Bella Swan?

In the beginning Rosalie Hale does not like Bella, not by hatred but by jealousy Jasper is very touchy, he gets along but in the beginning he stays a great distance. Other then them everyone gets along!

What is a pluralistic community?

A pluralistic community is a group of people or a society made up of different origins and cultural backgrounds.

Why everyday should be harmony day?

Because when everyone gets along that equals harmony and most people everyday create harmony!

What was Dr Martin Luther King Jr's?

dr.martin.luther.kings dream was that African Americans get treated fairly and equally and that everyone gets along.

Should you play along What if you know a person doesn't like you and they know too should you play along with it to keep everyone happy?

No. Move along before someone feelings get hurt,this is okay, why waste your precious time on something so hateful. You are to love everyone, but not everyone you come in contact with is going to like you. Pray about it and move along.

Which of the Cullens always get along with each other including Bella?

They all have their moments when they fall out with or get angry at certain members of the Cullen family, but usually: * Edward always gets along with Bella, Alice, Carlisle, Esme and Jasper * Bella always gets along with Edward, Alice, Emmett (they play fight, with Emmet making jokes and comments over Bella's sex life), Jasper (they fall out when Jasper attacks her in New Moon), Carlisle and Esme. * Rosalie is very temperamental with all of them, but tends to argue the least with Emmett. * Emmet usually gets along with everyone, apart from the odd fallout with Bella (see above) and Edward (over arm wrestles, and why Edward finds it more interesting to watch Bella sleep than to play baseball with him.) * Carlisle always gets along with everyone, as he has a cool head. * Esmealways gets along with everyone, as she is calm and compassionate. * Alice gets along with everyone, especially Bella and Edward, but occasionally disagrees with Rosalie and Edward (Alice and Edward argue over Bella's mortality : Alice has a premonition that Bella will become a vampire at one point or another, but Edward fiercely tries to stop this happening) * Jasperusually gets along with everyone, but Edward fell out with him in New Moon when he attacked Bella.

Is there a mental illness in which the person lies and has to be in total control of everyone?

If the person lacks feelings/empathy, along with other symptoms, it is possible that they are a sociopath