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its called a stanza

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A paragraph in a song that consists of multiple lines of lyrics that form a cohesive thought or idea. It helps to convey the message, emotion, or story of the song in a structured manner.

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Q: What is a paragraph the lyrics of a song called?
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What is a paragraph in the lyrics of a song called?

A stanza.

What are the words to a song called?

The words to a song are known as "lyrics."

When you write your own lyrics or song what is it called?

Its called an Unknown song

What are the words of a song are?

The words to a song are called lyrics.

What is a song with the lyrics taken out?

A song with the lyrics removed would just be the instrumentation of XYZ song. A song without any lyrics in the first place is called an instrumental.

What is a song called when it has no lyrics?

An Instrumental

Where can one find the lyrics of the song 'I'll Be Missing You'?

Lyrics for the song called I'll Be Missing You can either located by looking at any inserts that came with the disc the song is on, or lyrics for the song can be found online at such websites as Metro Lyrics.

What is the song called that has the lyrics You Are All Innocent?

The song Innocent by Our Lady Peace has the lyrics "We are all innocent" as its chorus.

When was the song Can I Live released?

The song called "Can I Live" was released in the year 1991. One can find the lyrics to this song at popular on the web sources such as A to Z Lyrics and Metro Lyrics.

What is it called if you change the lyrics of a song but keep the lyrics?

You mean if you improved the lyrics? That is the job of the arranger. He/she polishes the melody of the song (and the lyrics). Every detail of the song is thought about before the final version is made and ready to be performed and interpreted by the chosen singer. It is called arranging.

Where can one find the lyrics of the song 'Breaking Benjamin' by Firefly?

Lyrics to the song Breaking Benjamin by Firefly can be found on a website which is called A-Z Lyrics. They can also be found on the website called eLyrics.

Where can one find a song with lyrics of then and now online?

The Chipmunks recorded a song called 'Then and Now' featuring Jermaine Riley. The lyrics to this song can be found both on A-Z lyrics and Metrolyrics.