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Q: What is a normal range of liver enzymes for a 15 year old?
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I am a 12 year old male 5'4 and 112 pounds is this normal?

No. Being a 12-year-old male is not normal. Seriously, you're taller than average for your age but in the normal height range and your weight is in the normal range for your height.

What is the normal range of weight for a 2 year sheep?


What is the normal heart beat range of sixteen year old girl?

The normal heart beat range for a 16 year old girl is around 80 beats per minute. This can fluctuate from 60 to 100 beats per minute and still be in normal range.

What is normal breast size of 22 year girl?

The "Normal" range is from almost nothing to huge.

Is 88 beats per minute normal for a 51 year old male?

Yes. It is within the normal range.

What would cause wbc of 14.5 and elevated liver enzymes in a 8 year old?

It could be an infection but without knowing what WBCs are elevated and which liver tests are showing that result, you really need to ask the doctor who asked for the tests.

What is the normal weight range for 5 year old?

This depends on the height and gender.

What can i do for my Dog with high liver enzymes for one year now constipated and bloated Has been taking denamarin for one year?

Have you been to the vet ? Sounds like he needs a full and proper check up.

What is the normal arterial blood gas range for an 80 year old?


What is the normal range of weight for a 4 year old sheep?

About 20 - 25 kg.

After 15 years of alcohol-abuse and 1 year not drinking will the liver be back to normal?

No, you will just have to be more careful with it in the future,

What is the normal IgE inmunoglobulin range for a two year old?

My eight and a half month year old was recently tested. I don't have all the specifics on what is considered normal range at what specific age, but I was told that a normal level for him should have been 15 and that at 44 his level was definitely high.