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I keep my house at 65 in the summer and 70 in the winter

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Q: What is a healthy average temperature to keep your house at?
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How many degrees on average does the greenhouse effect keep the temperature on earth?

Green house effect on average keep temperature of 35-40*c in day &20-25*c in night during summer season.

How does the integumentary system keep the body healthy?

it helps regulate the body's temperature

Having more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere will do to the average temperatures in the atmosphere and why?

Green house gases will keep more of the heat that enters the earth. It will raise the temperature

Can you keep indoor plants all the time and still be healthy?

No. Because they will not get a light from the sun when you keep to House and yes when you put the Plant in the outside of your house 2x a week

How does a thermostat help to keep a house at a constant temperature?

it can go up or down

What is the average temperature to keep soda?

Around 20 degrees C.

What temperature in celsius should your thermostat be set at to keep your house cool?

21 cel

Is it more efficient to keep your home at a steady temperature?

For air conditioning yes. As long as your set temperature is between 76 and 80 degrees. This is also assuming that your equipment is working properly. It is definitely cheaper to keep a house cool than it is to pull a house down from a higher temperature.

What can you give a seed to keep healthy?

A seed can be stored in healthy conditions under low temperature and low humidity in air tight containers to avoid the attack of microbes and insects.

How you can keep your stomach healthy?

you can keep your stomach healthy by eating healthy foods

How do you keep the musuclar system healthy?

By reading Twilight!!! and exercising. and eating healthy. everything you do to keep your body healthy, will keep the system healthy.

What is a Safe house temperature to keep pipes from freezing?

At least one degree above freezing?