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Q: What is a hardware store general liability class code?
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What do people in the US call a hardware store?

Most people in the United States refer to a hardware store as a hardware store. In the past it might have been referred to as a general store. Other countries have referred to a hardware store as an Ironmongers.

Which extingusher will put out class a b c fires?

A class "ABC" fire extinguisher. about $20 at any hardware store.

What happened to the hardware store in the Rats of NIMH?

In the hardware store several rats died

What store can you buy paint in?

any hardware store like Ace hardware.

Where do you get a dowel?

Any Arts & Crafts Store or Hardware Store

I will be looking for a stained glass class in the Antioch area this summer. Anything available in the area?

There are stained glass classes that are located in the your hardware store.

Who is your gun made by it says tru-test on it?

You have a "hardware store" gun- POSSIBLY made by Crecent firearms. At one time, general stores and hardware stores carried inexpensive firearms. Several companies made guns for the store chains, and marked them with the name of the stores.

Is hardware store a proper noun?

No, the compound noun 'hardware store' is a common noun, a word for any hardware store anywhere.A proper noun is the name of a specific person, place, thing, or a title; for example:Sister's Community Hardware Store, Brooklyn, NYFuller & Son Hardware Inc, Little Rock, ARBlossom True Value Hardware, Mountain View, CATrustworthy Hardware & Fishing, Soldotna, AK

Teen Wolf what was name of hardware store?

Howard's Hardware

Can I rent crushers at my local hardware store?

It all depends on who your local hardware store is. Most of the larger hardware stores do offer rentals though.

Where to get an exacto knife?

A hobby store or hardware store.

What business did Howard Cunningham own on Happy day?

Howard Cunningham owned a hardware store.