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Q: What is a habit describe one healthy habit and one unhealthy habit that you have?
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Why is it unhealthy to eat large amounts of snack food?

Well it depends on what type of snack foods your eating Its all about a balance diet so if your eating to much of the same snacks then it is unhealthy but if you eat different snacks maybe one healthy one unhealthy after lunch and one after dinner then you will be a healthy person. Hope this helps

How is emotional heath unhealthy?

Emotion healthy affects reasoning. And if one is healthy emotionally, such a person wont be able to think straight.

What is the difference between heart problems and the healthy ones?

A healthy heart is a heart that is at a normal, healthy level in every way. A heart with problems is one that has unhealthy aspects.

Who is the most unhealthy person?

the most unhealthy person is the one who fails to seek god's help for his/her daily needs.the one who smokes.the one who consumes alcohol.the one who fails to have a healthy diet for atleast a month

Why should not to smoke?

No one Should smoke its unhealthy and nasty habit. Will eventually kill u or cause major damage reducing your life

I have an unhealthy attachment to a man I used to date and he is a wonderful person I want to have a healthy relationship with but not an unhealthy one how do I build a healthy attachment?

You let the man come to you if he doesn't then let it be it would never be healthy int eh first place. The thinks he is suppose to be in control so let him have it!

Can Someone who is healthy die?

someone who healthy wont die and you cant die healthy death occurs to everybody by that one tragic thing that in life made you unhealthy and made you die of it

Is chlorpheniramine healthy or unhealthy?

Chlorpheniramine is an antihistamine drug that can reduce coughing, sneezing and other similar symptoms. It is therefore healthy if one suffers from any of those issues.

Why are sugar cookies not healthy?

Cookies are unhealthy because they contain a lot of sugar and fat. Eating one (or two small) cookies will not make you unhealthy, so long as you make other healthy choices.

Is high fructose corn syrup healthy?

The jury is still out on this one. The safest bet is that too much of anything is generally unhealthy.

Are hotel cafes healthy or unhealthy?

Hotel cafes are neither healthy or unhealthy. It really depends on the menu items ordered and the quality of the kitchen staff. If all regulatory and health concerns are met by the staff then the first step is healthy. If an individual orders low fat, low sodium and low sugar meals then the meal itself is a healthier one.

What is a bone marrow transplant?

Its basically where you switch out unhealthy marrow with healthy a healthy one. This is commonly done one people with blood cancer (as blood is produced in bone marrow) leukaemia, lymphoma and sickle cell anaemia.