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Evil Apples and JunoWallet Earn Gift Cards NOW are the two five star apps where you can play games and earn points and win things like the gift cards.

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Q: What is a five star app where I can play games earn points and win things like gift cards?
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How does one earn reward points for Citi cards?

Customers can earn Citi rewards points by using their credit cards to make different purchases. There are different levels to what they buy, which includes more for things like gas.

How do you earn more green points on WeeWorld?

To earn more green points you should be on weeworld doing things such as playing games or going on world. Eventaly you should earn a couple of green points add manomez :)

How do you get your baseball cards on your account on UpperDeckcom?

you have to earn points

What do you do on prizerebel?

You fill out surveys and quizzes to earn points which you can redeem for prizes such as video games, free xbox live points, gift cards, itunes gift cards, etc. Learn more about it at the site on my bio.

Can you buy Xbox 360 gamer points but not Microsoft points?

No. You earn gamer points playing games, Microsoft points are to buy things on the xbox live market place.

Do dsiware games let you earn dsi points?

You can't earn DSi points you have to buy them.

Can you earn cash points in crazy kart without level up cards?


What games can earn Wii points?

none that I know of...

How do you earn d points on disneychannel?

You play games

How do you earn star coins on Spark city AllGirlArcade?

You can earn points by playing games.

How do you get D Points on Disney XD?

by playing games on diney xd you can earn xd points

How do you get assassins creeduplay points?

You don't specifically get play points from AC, I think it's all ubisoft games. To earn the points you have to gain certain achievements or do certain things in the game, depending on what it is it will give you a varied amount of points.