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The female Tasmanian devil is not assigned any particular name.

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2010-04-01 09:13:02
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Q: What is a female Tasmanian devil called?
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Who raises the Tasmanian devil?

The female Tasmanian devil raises the young joeys.

Why is the Tasmanian devil called a thief?

The Tasmanian devil is not called a thief.

What is the difference between a female Tasmanian devil and a male Tasmanian devil?

The female Tasmanian devil is much smaller than the male, but apart from that, there is little difference between the two, aside from the obvious difference of male and female reproductive organs. The Tasmanian devil is a marsupial, and the female therefore has a pouch in which she rears her young.

How much can a female Tasmanian devil weigh?

The average weight of a female Tasmanian devil is around 7 kg, but the female can grow to 9 kg in weight.

Who is endangering the Tasmanian devil?

A cancer called Devil Facial Tumour Disease is endangering the Tasmanian devil.

What is the aboriginal word for Tasmanian devil?

The most common word by which Tasmanian Aborigines called the Tasmanian devil was "purinina".

What is a Tasmanian devils name called when its a teen?

a tasmanian devil

What is a baby Tasmanian devil?

A baby Tasmanian devil is called a joey, just as all marsupial young are called joeys.

Why is a Tasmanian devil called a devil?

The Tasmanian devil was given its name primarily because of the unearthly screams and growls it emits when fighting with another Tasmanian devil over food or territory.

What is the offspring of the Tasmanian devil?

Like all marsupials, the young of a Tasmanian Devil is called a joey.It is not called an "imp", a "cub" or a "pup".

What is the dad Tasmanian devils job?

The Tasmanian devil father has no job because after 3 days, the female kicks him out.

What is the Tasmanian devil's babies real name?

The correct name for a baby Tasmanian devil is "joey". Tasmanian devils are marsupials, and all marsupial young are called joeys.

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