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Growing corn could be bad for the soil.

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Q: What is a disadvantage of ethanol as a biofuel?
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Is ethanol a biofuel?

Ethanol can be a biofuel if it is obtained from vegetable matter. It can also be produced by the hydrogenation of ethylene in a refinery or chemical plant.

Give an example of a biofuel?


What are the chemical steps for converting corn to ethanol?

it is biofuel

What is the main chemical in biofuel?

The main component is ethanol.

Is biofuel better then ethanol?

Ethanol is one of the biofuels, so it can't be better than itself.

What is a biofuel vehicle?

Gasoline biofuel is a mixture of gasoline and ethanol. Ethanol is a plant based alcohol, I.E. biological. Biodiesel works the same was but is an oil not an alocohol. The diesel engine was original designed and ran on a biofuel(peanut oil).

Which of the following States is the likeliest place for the further development of ethanol and other biofuel production?

Iowa is the most likely state where further development of ethanol and other biofuel production will take place.

What is an example of a biofuel?

An example of a biofuel would be ethanol. A biofuel is anything that is organic, and can be grown by humans on a mass scale. Other examples are peanut oil and lamp oil.

Does Ethanol contribute to the greenhouse effect?

Ethanol is a biofuel produced from vegetable matter. When the crop grows, it removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. When the biofuel is burnt, that same carbon dioxide is released. So ethanol, basically, is carbon-neutral and does not contribute to the greenhouse effect.

What is a bioethanol?

A bioethanol is a variety of ethanol produced, by fermentation of crops, for use as a biofuel.

What can be used as biofuel?

Ethanol, corn oil, sunflower oil, canola oil, etc.

What States is the likeliest place for the further development of ethanol and other biofuel production?