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Somebody who is extremely well known, renowned in media and/or history

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Q: What is a definition of a famous person?
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What is the definition of Henry the navigator?

Prince Henry was a famous person, that is his definition.

What is the definition of testimonial the persuasive technique in writing?

using famous person or an expert

What is the definition of a legendary hero?

a legendary hero is a person who was brave and remarkable; extraordinary, well-known; famous

Can rendezvous be used for interview with a famous person?

The definition of the word rendezvous is a meeting, usually between two people, at a specific place and time. In this context, a rendezvous can be used for an interview with a famous person.

Public relation definition?

The professional maintenance of a favorable public image by a company or other organization or a famous person.

What is the definition of a bill chase?

There is actually not a definition for "bill chase" as it is a person and not a term. Bill Chase was a famous jazz/rock trumpet player who was born in 1934 in Brooklyn, New York.

What is the true definition of startstruck?

The true definition of Starstruck is from an off-broadway stage show written by Elaine Lee, Norfleet Lee and Dale Place. Also the word starstruck means for one to be captivated by a famous person or people, to be fascinated by famous people.

When did Bullet for My Valentine become famous?

Depends on your definition of famous

Meaning of celebrity?

The definition of celebration is a gathering of people to mark a special event and to be happy. People often eat, dance, and drink during a celebration.

What is the definition of a he-she?

The definition of he/she is the sex or gender of a person.

How much should a non famous photographer make?

depends what the definition of faous is, also the degree of popularity of the person. if your just startind depending on what contacts you have.

A person being held as the property of another person?

That would be the definition of a slave.That would be the definition of a slave.That would be the definition of a slave.That would be the definition of a slave.