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Q: What is a compound word for to shift in a lower gear?
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What is the compound word for to shift into lower gear?

The word is downshift.

What is a compound word that means shift to a lower gear?


Is Make shift compound word?

Makeshift is a compound word made up of make and shift.

What is a good sentence using the word shift?

As a species, we may not survive the Earth's polarity shift. Let's shift it into high gear, boys!

How do you convert upper case to lower case in Word?

Select the text that you want to change. From the font group of the home tab, click the "Change Case" tool button. Select "lower case" from the options. In older versions of Word, you will find the "change case" in the format->font menu and you can get there quickly by a right click on the selected text.

The word hold is illuminated Mazda familia?

I had the same thing happen on my Mazda Bongo. it seems that in my case it was because the 2nd button down on the automatic gear shift was inadvertently pressed when I shifted from reverse to drive. On my Bongo there are two buttons on the gear shift, the top to release the shift lock to change to a different gear and a second button below that, which when pressed, holds a particular gear to stop the gearbox from automatically changing up, ie when towing up a hill etc. Trouble is, it is easy to forget it is pressed and you continue to drive in that gear.

How do you type the flat sign on Microsoft Word?

Italicised lower case b"b"

Is the word Grandma a compound noun?

Yes, the word grandma (common noun, lower case 'g') is a compound noun; a word made up of the adjective 'grand' and the noun 'ma', forming a noun with a meaning of it's own.

Is gear an adverb?

No, the word gear is not an adverb.The word gear is a noun and a verb.

Is the word building a compound word?

No It's not a compound word

Is important a compound word?

No, important is not a compound word.

Is upward a compound word?

Upwards is a compound word.