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Q: What is a compound word for bag?
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What is a compound word with bag?

bag it

What compound word starts with the word gift?

gift bag

Is carefully a compound word?

No, carefully is not a compound word because fully is an adjective, while care is a noun. A compound word must have two nouns, for example, hand and bag, handbag.

What compound words it combine bag in to two words?

Compound words containing the word bag:bagpipesbeanbaghandbagsleeping bagwindbag

is a paper bag a noun?

Yes, the word 'paper bag' is a noun, a compound noun, a word for a container for packaging or carrying things made of paper; a word for a thing.

What are examples of compound word?

A compound word is any word where two other words have been joined together to create a new third word. eg pig + tail = pigtail sand + paper = sandpaper eye + brow = eyebrow thumb + tack = thumbtack hand + bag = handbag

Is the word building a compound word?

No It's not a compound word

Kinds of compound words and their meaning?

There are three types of compound words: closed compound word - two different words put together to make a new word examples - boyfriend, without, mankind hyphenated compound word - i.e. level-headed, fun-loving, mind-boggling open compound word - two words that go together but there's a space between them examples: bus driver, candy cane, draft pick brown bag

Is important a compound word?

No, important is not a compound word.

Is upward a compound word?

Upwards is a compound word.

What is the compound word in this sentence What is the compound word in this sentence?

There is no compound word.A compound word is a word like bus-stop.Husban is spelt like this husband

Is the word upstairs a compound word?

Upstairs is a compound word, so it is one word.