What is a clean claim mean on insurance?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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The clean claim means that you have a clean history ( no claims ) with your insurance company as you are entitled to earn a discounted premium based on your clean claim history ..

The insure maight use some conditions contain in your policy such as NO CLAIM BONUS , which might be a percentage ( i.e 10% no claim bonus ) or a fixed amount ( USD 100.- no claim bonus ) the calculation for no claim bonus is different from class to class .

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Q: What is a clean claim mean on insurance?
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What does dropping your claim mean when taking about health insurance?

Printing the claim to paper

What is each and every claim mean in an insurance policy?

each and every claim = all claims

What is the source document for insurance claim data?

Claim data can generally ber obtained from the Department of Insurance of the state in which you are interested. You will have to specify the nature of the claim(s) for which you wish the date (such as the kind of loss involved). Alternatively, or in addition to the foregoing, you can contact the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. In either event, there will be a cost associated with getting the data.

If someone has made a claim off your car insurance does that mean you have made a claim?

This means that a claim has been made AGAINST you. Your insurance company, in most instances, will not pay the third party until they have discussed the claim with you and verified what happened.

If you have dual insurance can you submit claims on both?

What do you mean by dual insurance? You cannot have two auto insurance policys on one car. If you mean can you claim damages (let's say) from the 'at fault' party and then also claim them under your collison coverage, no you cannot.

What does it mean to provide evidence of a claim?

Whenever a claim arises be it in life or general insurance sector, it has to be substantiated by eye witness or material evidence to the satisfaction of the insurance company.

What does medical claim mean?

A medical claim is the application for compensation against a health insurance policy or against another's liability insurance policy for the covered portion of a covered event.

What does closed without any indemnity mean?

It means you had an insurance claim of some sort for which the insurance company did not pay anything.

What does the word payer mean in terms of health insurance?

The primary /secondary payer is usually the insurance plan covering the claim

Can you purchase liability insurance only when you need it?

By "only when you need it" do you mean only when you are aware of a claim or potential claim? If so, the answer is "NO". You cannot buy insurance on a burning house, so to speak.

Can a driver with no insurance clain of your insurance?

Sorry, the driver with no insurance can claim of your insurance. He/she has no legal right to lodge such unauthorised claim.

What does Excess applies each and every claim mean in an insurance policy?

Excess applies