What is a Normal PaO2?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Q: What is a Normal PaO2?
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What are the normal ranges for PaO2 and PaCO2?


What is the normal range of PAO2 - PaO2 for healthy young adults breathing room air?

10 - 15 mm Hg.

What is the formula for AA gradient?

PAO2 - PaO2 ****************************************** PAO2 is the Alveolar Air Equation: PAO2 = FiO2 (Pb- Ph20) - PACO2/R Notes: Pb = 760 mmHg Ph20 = 47 mmHg R = 0.8

If PAO2 is low and bicarb is low what is the problem?

If PAO2 is low...... Then PaO2 would be low........ Then low SaO2.....then low content CaO2..... Then low DO2.... Then Hypoxia.....lactic acidosis( anaerobic glycolysis), isn't it?

What is the normal value of PaO2?

Arterial values should be between 85 and 100 mmHg, Venous values should be between 30 and 40 mmHg.

What is importance of PaO2?

A PaO2 is the level of oxygen in your arterial blood. If it is too low, it can cause significant loss in brain function. It can also cause organ failure. If the PaO2 is low, it will cause shortness of breath and also confusion.

What is a list of the normal arterial blood gas values?

There are many measures of Arterial Blood Gases. The most common measure oxygen (by PaO2) and carbon dioxide (by PaCO2) levels. Normal PaO2 is 80-100 mmHg. Normal PaCO2 is 35-45 mmHg. Bicarbonate is sometimes measured and its value is 22-26 mmHg. Other measurements are also taken depending on the situation. Source:

A paco2 of 65 and a pao2 of 88 what do these results mean?

high level of carbon dioxide in the blood stream which could be from a multitude of reasons. At 65 mm hg, the CO2 level is very high relative to normal range of 35 o 45. The PAO2 is in normal range at 88. The high PACO2 would cause the pH of the blood to be elevated without increased bicarbonates from the kidney or external delivery to compensate.

What is the pao2 when the Oxygen Saturation 90 percent?


Is pao2 and po2 the same?

yes they are just the same

Why would toes still be numb and tingling after returning to sea level from an altitude of 15000 feet?

Numbness will last till the decreased oxygen returns to normal levels in the body. (PAO2)

How do you increase pao2 with mechanical ventilation?

In manual ventilation you can increase the PaO2 by hyperventilating the patient, by increasing the respiratory rate and/or by increasing the volume of air that you deliver to the patient. If using a BVM for example, compressing the bag faster and/or harder will increase the arterial oxygen pressure, but there is a limit to what you can do with manual ventilation. Perfusion in the lungs has a major impact on PaO2. Also, the blood chenistry (anemia or CO2 poisoning) for example will dramatically decrease the PaO2. Sometimes no matter how much you hyperventilate the person, low PaO2 can't be corrected.