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A circuit breaker is a switching device which can make,brake and carrying (or trip the circuit) that specified over currents for a small interval of time .

There is a different types of Circuit Breaker's are there

1.According to their arc quenching media these are divided into 4 types

a) Oil circuit breaker

b) Air blast circuit breaker

c) SF6 circuit breaker

d) vacuum circuit breaker

2. According to their services the circuit breaker can be divided as

a) Outdoor Circuit Breaker

b) Indoor Breaker

3. According to the operating mechanism of circuit breaker they can be divided as

a) Spring operated Circuit Breaker

b) Pneumatic Circuit Breaker

c) Hydrolic Circuit Breaker

4. According to the voltage level of installation these are divided into 3 types

a) High Voltage Circuit Breaker

b) Medium Voltage Circuit Breaker

c) Low Voltage Circuit Breaker.

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Q: What is a Circuit breaker and explain type circuit breakers?
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The circuit breakers in a panelboard feed separate circuits. The lights that stay on are on a different circuit than the ones that go off. To fine the circuit that feeds the lights that stay on, go to the panelboard and turn off the breakers one by one until the lights go out. This is the circuit that feeds that circuit of lights. Remember that lights and receptacles can be on the same circuit together.

Explain electronic circuit to break the electicity in case of short circuit?

A fuse or a circuit breaker can be added directly after the power source (and possibly a transformer) to do this.

Draw and explain the operation of fault voltage ELCB and residual current device?

ELCB means Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker -- it is used to trip the Circuit breaker if any leakage fault occured means

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Find out what circuit the lights are on by shutting off breakers until the lights go out. Find the wire that connects to that breaker. If there is no wallboard or insulation in the garage , follow the circuit to the light. If there is a switch then it will have to be somewhere in that circuit and before the light fixture. If your situation is different from this, please use the discussion page and explain.

Is a humming sound at the circuit breaker a concern?

No. As the "Related links" explain below, it is normal when you are using copious amounts of electricity.

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explain me about the contactor works with examples. if i want to control a motor with contactor. and how i can use contactor in loops with over load and circuit breakers.

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Now that is a very good question. If you could possibly explain the problem you are experiencing someone could help you.

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closed circuit television

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What is meant by resonance and explain the series and parallel resonance? by kathiresan

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Excessive current can be in the connection of many devices into a single socket.this may cause overload in the circuit

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on or off

How much does a GFI circuit breaker cost?

They don't cost that much, and it also depends on where you are. I suggest you approach your electrician or electrical supplier, explain to him what you need it for and then he will then tell you the cost. Installation will be extra, as you can guess.