What is a Chevy gmt 400?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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GMT400 - 88-98 C/K 1500 (Silverado)

GMT410 - 92-99 Suburban

GMT415 - 92-94 Blazer

GMT420 - 94-99 Tahoe

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Q: What is a Chevy gmt 400?
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Does a 2008 Chevy Silverado have torsion bars?

No, Chevy converted to a coil spring suspension for their GMT-900 trucks. (07 - 10)

Is the 400 a small block or big block?

The 400 Chevy is a small block engine. The 400 BIG BLOCK Chevy does not exist! 402 big block Chevy does. it seems in the early 70s Chevy put 402s in their pick ups and they had 400 badges. this opened the can of worms known as the non-existant big block 400.

Can you put a turbo 400 transmission on your Chevy 305?

You can if it has the Chevy bolt pattern.

What is the number one cylinder on a 1978 400 distributer?

400 ci Chevy, 400 ci Ford, 400 ci Chrysler, need to know which 400.

Will Pontiac 400 manifold fit Chevy 400 engine?

No, I do not think so as they are not the same engine.

What is the cylinder bore on a 400 small block?

a 400 small block Chevy has a 4.125" bore.

Will a turbo 400 transmission bolt up to a 400 Chevy block?

A Chevy turbo 400 will bolt up to a Chevy 400 engine just fine. A BOP (Buick, Olds, Pontiac) turbo 400 will not bolt up to a Chevy engine. The bellhousing is different between the Chevy turbo 400 case and the BOP turbo 400 case. Another option is a J-W Performance ultrabell which can be used with a Chevy or a Buick, Olds, Pontiac engine, but this requires the transmission case to be modified in order to use it (The original bellhousing must be cut off and the case prepped, then the ultrabell bolts on with the front pump bolts).

Will the tran from a chevy 400 fit on your 350?

Yes it will.

Is a 400 small block a Chevy motor?


What does a Chevy 350 engine weight?

About 400 lbs.

What is the firing order on a Chevy 400 motor?


What is the firing order for a 1976 Chevy truck 400?

I believe it is like all chevy's 18436572