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100 USD or so.

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Q: What is a 410 bayard arms double barrel exposed hammers stamped laminated steel belguim worth?
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How do you find out about a 410 double barrel shot guns age?

We must know the manufacturer, model, exposed hammers or not, and the condition of the gun...The rest is easy...The manufacturer and model will be stamped or engraved on the metal somewhere What is the manfacturer, model and condition of the gun...the rest is easy...

What information on a Nitro Hunter Shotgun single barrel with exposed hammer stamped Belknap Hdwre and Mfg serial A 4472?

nitro hunter shotgun single barrel with exposed hammer stamped belknap hdwre and mfg serial 5516

Where can you find information about a chrome Belgian 12 gauge laminated steel double barrel with Richard stamped by the hammers?

Your gun was made between 1880 and 1914, probably by Henri Pieper. If the name is actually Rickard (with a K instead of an H), it was probably retailed by J A Rickard Co of Schenectady, NY. Chrome and laminated barrels don't belong on the same gun. Except for a few custom-made shotguns, laminated barrels were not produced after the 1920s and chrome was not used until the 1940s. The plating was added after manufacture. I must have been short of sleep when I posted that. The finish is probably a nickel plating which would be appropriate for a firearm of this age.

Vintage and value of a wh hamilton double barrel 12 gauge with double hammer and twist belguim barrel marked 5086?

inside reciever stamped: 4256 D C

What is information on N C Greenough hammer double barrels stamped laminated steel?

I own a Greenough dimascase forged barrel shotgun. I'm not familar with the stampted lam.

What is the estimated manufacture date of a New Ithaca double 12 gauge with exposed hammers SN 123564 stamped 12 A?

I have a partial answer and plan to submit a question. Ithaca hammer shotguns with serial #'s below 33011 were produced before 1899. I have a hammer double barrel stagecoach shotgun with serial # 15864. I will post a question to find out its age.

What is the cheapest way to have a stamped concrete looking driveway?

If it is stamped and stamped only you want there is no cheap way. Do not try this yourself if you have no concrete experience. Less expensive decorative options are available including exposed, color, broomed, paving stones, etc. For a real decorative look mix a couple of designs. For example an exposed border and broom finish interior looks sharp and can be dressed up with some color.

What materials are used to make old cars?

if you mean materials used to make cars say in 1918: alot of wood for interiors, stamped metal for bodies, and glass for lighting and windshields. in say 1970,s alot of stamped metal,more vinyl for interiors, molded plastics,and laminated plastics wil tempered glass for windshields. today, 2009, alot of molded plastics inside and out, alot of very thin steel, laminated windshields, tupperware bumpers ,etc, and aluminium.

What is information on a E D Parker shotgun from London Laminated Steel?

This name doesn't appear on any of the usual lists of manufacturers or trade-names. London Laminated Steel does not necessarily mean it was made in London. It probably dates from about 1890-1915 and during this time it was common for individual retailers to order shotguns with their own store's name stamped on them.

Do you have any information on WN More and Co?

Recently purchased 10 gauge side x side black power shotgun. Has double external hammers and double triggers. Stamped on top between barrels in front of hammers is WN More + Co. Superior Quality. Any information would be helpfull. Thanks

What is the value of a bolt action single shot 16 gauge shotgun?

i have a bolt action shot gun stamped with E L G i think its early 1900 made in belguim also would like to know value?

What is a Hartford Firearms double barrel 12 gauge shotgun with dual hammers worth?

Between $50 and $250 depending on manufacture date, style and condition. They were made between 1880 and 1930. "Higher end" models included a checkered walnut stock and laminated steel barrels. They were overall an economy grade shotgun, originally made by Crescent Firearms then sold to many other companies and stores who stamped they're particular name on the gun. Hope this helps

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