What is a 14 kt hge espo lind ring?

Updated: 8/11/2023
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14 kt GE , means it has a very thin layer of 14kt gold over it (gold eletroplated)

ESPO was an Us brand , famous in the 60's and 70's , so it menas the ring has got quite a value as a vintage

The 'ESPO' is short for Esposito, he's still designing jewelry (has a range on QVC) so the ring isn't necessarily worth any more as a vintage.

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The 14 k on jewelry means the jewelry is 14 carat. The ge is for Gold Electroplate. The Espo is the creator's mark that stands for Joe Esposito.

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HGE means Heavy gold electroplated. Meaning a thin layer of gold over a base metal.

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Q: What is a 14 kt hge espo lind ring?
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What does 14Kt HGE Lind mean when stamped inside ring?

When you see 14kt HGE Lind on the inside of a ring it means 14 karat heavy gold electro plating, lind is the maker.

What does 14kt diamond hGE lind means?

How much is a 14 kt hge lind with diamond worth

Is a ring marked 10-14 kt hge lind worth anything as gold?

Probably not. The HGE mark is an indication of "heavy gold electroplate." This means that the ring is made of some metal over which a layer of gold is plated.

What is 14kt hge v lind?

14 KT is 14 KARAT, HGE stands for heavy gold electroplate, in other words, gold plated metal. The LIND is the company that made it . They also usually have an eye with a "V" in the center.

How much is a 14kt ge espo ring worth?

how much the 14ktge espo diamond with 10 stone

How much is a 14 kt GE espo ring valued at?

$30 per ounce

Search value of ring by joe esposito 14 karat g e espo?

For what I've seen on line today (06/2013) a man ring 14kt GE ESPO is valued at about 18/20$ but it can be estimated more depending on the type of ring...some are at 35$.

What if the ring has 14 kt ge espo is it real?

This ring is probably a gold electroplate (ge) with 14kt gold. ESPO should stand for the maker's mark of Joe Esposito. If you do a search on line you'll see many items by this designer and estimate the real value of the ring as well as compare the mark on your ring with others. In all likelyhood, it's a real piece by this vendor who is known for this style.

14kt ge espo?

14kt ge means that the item is 14 karat gold electroplate. When you see Espo on the item, it is the manufacturers mark.

Is a ring marked 10-14 kt hge worth anything?

The ring may be worth something to somebody, but it holds no gold value. the "10-14K" marking means 10K to 14K gold. The "HGE" marking mean "Heavy Gold Electroplate". So, altogether, the entire marking means the ring is plated with an alloy that is at least 10K, but no more than 14K, gold.Visit the link below to learn more about gold markings and silver markings.

When did William Lind die?

William Lind died on April 14, 1995, in Bollns, Gvleborgs ln, Sweden.

When was Emil Lind born?

Emil Lind was born on August 14, 1872, in Vienna, Austria-Hungary (now Austria).