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sense of humor of course!

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Q: What is Sonny With a Chance tony clothes style?
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What is tony real name from Sonny With a Chance?

Tiffany Thornton

Who is tony hearts off Sonny With a Chance played by?

Tiffany thorton

What is tony harts real name from Sonny With a Chance?

Tiffany Thorton

Where is the set of as the bell rings on Disney Channel?

Demi lavoto is on sonny with a chance and Tony is on gigantic

How old is 'Tony' on 'Sonny With a Chance'?

if you mean Tawni, the blond girl, in real life she's 23

Who plays tony in Sonny With a Chance?

Tiffany Thornton plays Toni in 'sonny with a chance'Character in 'sonny with a chance'...Tiffany Thornton: Tawny HartDemi Lovato: Sonny MunroeSterling Knight: Chad Dylan CooperDough Brochu: Grady MitchellAllisyn Ashley Arm: Zora LancasterBrandon Mychal Smith: Nico Harris

Which mans name are you likely to hear in a mafia movie?

Tony, Sonny

Is Ashley Tisdale in Demi Lovato's video la la land?

Nope, you may think that Tony from Sonny with a chance looks like her (tiffany thourtan - her real name.) But Ashley is not in the music video.

Can you buy clothes in the ballad of the gay tony?


Does Tony Cingrani throw right or left?

MLB player Sonny Gray throws right.

Which of these performers inherited not just a style but an actual instrument from his teacher?

Tony Rice

What style of music did tony rice sing?