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Q: What is Queen Elizabeth 2 surname?
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Is the Queen Elizabeth surname bersirlin?

No, it is Windsor

What is queen elizabeth 2 mother name?

Her mother was also named Elizabeth. Before she married, her surname was Bowes-Lyon

What is queen elizebeth the 3rd's surname?

There has never been a Queen Elizabeth III, apart from the fictional Queen Elizabeth III of Manticore.

What was Queen Elizabeth's name before she was queen?

Queen Elizabeth's surname was Windsor. Her family's surname was Saxe-Coburg-Gotha until 1917 when they changed it to Windsor to sound non-German (the British people were anti-German then as it was WWI). Members of the British Royal Family do not have surnames. They are the descendants of the house of Windsor but this is not the same as holding a surname. However, as you posted this Question in the "Elizabeth I" category I assume you mean the first Queen Elizabeth. Elizabeth I was a member of the House of Tudor but, as with Elizabeth II this does not constitute a surname

What is the Queen Elizabeths last name?

Elizabeth Tudor Queen Elizabeth the First was from the house of Tudor so her name would have been Elizabeth Tudor. The current Queen Elizabeth the Second is from the house of Windsor, so her name is Elizabeth Windsor.

Who lead Australia government?

Queen Elizabeth 2

Who is queen after queen Elizabeth 2 dies?

queen elizabeth 3?

Who was queen before Queen Elizabeth 2?

elizabeth the 1

What was Queen Elizabeth's II last name before becoming queen?

As Elizabeth II was the daughter of King George VI, and as she chose her own name as her regnal name, her name before assuming the throne was, as it is after, Elizabeth Alexandra Mary. Do note that the Royal Family does not have a surname, thus that is her complete name.

Is Queen Elizabeth the 2 dead?

No, Queen Elizabeth II is not dead.

Who is after the Queen Elizabeth 2?

elizabeth 1

Was Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth 2 related?