What is PIP car insurance in Pennsylvania?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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PIP is Personal Injury Protection. It pays for your medical bills if you are ever injured in an accident. In Pennsylvania, it is mandatory you have PIP coverage.

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Q: What is PIP car insurance in Pennsylvania?
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Which companies in Pennsylvania offer PIP car insurance?

their are many companies which offer pip car insurance you can even get it insured online for detailed information try this :

You were hit on my moped by a car can you claim pip insurance on her insurance?

No, PIP is only for the occupants of the vehicle.

What are the laws in regards to PIP car insurance in Pennsylvania?

Personal Injury Protection, or PIP, is mandatory in Pennsylvania. It helps pay for medical bills. Your rates should not be affected by this should you need to use it. It is now known as First Party Benefits.

Where can I buy New Jersey Pip car insurance?

You can purchase New Jersey pip car insurance at Triple A car insurance. You can also check out other companies such as Farmer's insurance or Geico as well.

What does PIP mean in regard to car insurance?

medical insurance

What are some good PIP car insurance companies?

Some good PIP car insurance companies include Triple A auto insurance, Farmer's Auto insurance and Geico car insurance as well. All are pretty great, so just shop around.

Is PIP car insurance required in Florida?

PIP is Personal Insurance Protection and is required in the state of Florida to people who register a car in Florida. This falls under the No Fault law in Florida.

What is meant by Pennsylvania collision car insurance?

That must be a car insurance policy claim or slogan in Pennsylvania. It will provide car insurance for accidents such as collisions. This is for people in Georgia looking for an insurance company to protect their car.

Where can I find quality car insurance quotes for Pennsylvania?

You can go to to search for car insurance in the Pennsylvania region for free.

Do Pennsylvania car insurance laws require you to have collision?

Yes they do. You will have to get at least get collision insurance if you want to drive a car in Pennsylvania. More insurance is good though.

Is there a website that compares Pennsylvania car insurance prices?

Please go to and search under Pennsylvania car insurance price. There you will be able to compare car insurance prices in that state.

Am I required to carry PIP car insurance in Texas?

Insurance companies in the state of Texas are required to offer you PIP insurance, and you can refuse to purchase this. In the state of Texas, you are required to pay any damages you make in an accident so PIP is handy just in case.