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Q: What is Nicole Curtis' son Ethan doing now?
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Katelyn NICOLE Norman is eating strawberry's & nanners, cause she is so cool.

Does the Maori Tribe still believe in cannibalism?

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Taking a hot bath. Ahhh....... No I want to know wat r u doin now today writing new books are u still writing books.

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Where is Nicole Norman at right now?


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Curtis Rowe is living in brentwood ca where he is enjoying life. Life after basketball has meant, business ventures, children, and living life to the fullest!!!!!!!! Mr. Rowe is one of the NICEST guys that I have ever met, and I wish him continued blessings!

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Zotos, who now owns the Helene Curtis perm line, has discontinued the uniperm solution and neutralizer.AnswerZotos, who now owns the Helene Curtis perm line, has discontinued the uniperm solution and neutralizer. I HAVE UNIPERMS FOR SALE!

What is Fandango Johnny Curtis or Curtis Jonathan Hussey's connection to Maine?

Curtis Jonathan Hussey was born July 22, 1981 in Standish, Maine. He lives in Florida now.