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what is mya wooz account

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Q: What is MyaWooz's favorite celebrity on woozworld?
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How can you be woozworld celebrity in woozworld?

You need 5,000 peeps as your friends. I think they have to buzz you or something, and then you can get the WoozWorld celebrity title. Another way you can do it maybe is getting featured somehow.

What are all the answers to do you know me Jennywooz Woozworld?

Favorite Animal: Horse Favorite Icecream: Vanilla Favorite movie: Avatar Celebrity Crush: Zac Efron Favorite Holiday: Valentine's Day Favorite Book: Harry Potter Favorite game: Woozworld Favorite color: Green Favorite junk food: Fries Least favorite vegetable: Broccoli Favorite City: Montreal Favorite sport: Horseback Riding

How do you get the woozworld title woozworld celebrity?

You need 5,000 peeps as your friends.

What is jaywooz favorite video games?

Easy its Vampire Death & Woozworld well woozworld is not a video game i think BUT I LUV WOOZWORLD!

What Victoria Justice favorite celebrity?

All her friends are her favorite celebrity

Would it bother you if your favorite celebrity does drugs?

they wouldn't be my favorite celebrity

What is Mitzi's favorite food in woozworld?


What is mya's favorite color on woozworld?


What is kesha's favorite celebrity?

Kesha actually does not have a favorite celebrity, but she has a favorite band. They are called The Pixies.

How do you become a celebrity on woozworld?

ther is no way u could become a celebrity unless u are a singer or actor in real world.

Who is Hilary duff's favorite celebrity?

Hilary Duff's favorite celebrity is Lizzie McGuire.

What are one direction's favorite celebrity?

Their favorite celebrity is Bruno Mars.