What is Juche philosophy?

Updated: 5/1/2024
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The Juche philosophy was founded by Kim Il Sing and differs from the 'Juche' as propounded by Huwang Jang yop that is based on communist ideology. 'Juche' is based on the natural human will for self-reliance, or self-sufficiency as an individual that collectively compose a state or a nation. It deviates from the marxist or communist ideology ,although adopts numerous principles of communist marxism as a state principle with the exception that the humanist approach puts faith in the people as a Democratic Republic. It is the official state ideology of North Korea - (Democratric Peoples' Republic of Korea)

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Juche is a political ideology in North Korea that emphasizes self-reliance, independence, and nationalism. It was developed by Kim Il-Sung and focuses on the belief that the Korean people should be masters of their own destiny without interference from foreign powers. Juche has played a central role in shaping North Korea's domestic and foreign policies.

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Q: What is Juche philosophy?
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What is the current year in the Juche calendar?

Juche 98

When was Juche Tower created?

Juche Tower was created in 1982.

Who founded Juche?

The word juche, in Korea, was first drawn from 1887-1900 translations of German philosophy, where it means "subject" (vs. "object"). It was later adapted to an ideology of "self-reliance" by Kim Il-sung, ruler of North Korea from 1948 to 1994 (president from 1972 to 1994).

How do you pronounce JUCHE?


Do the people of the Juche religion believe in a god?

The people that believe in Juche believe in their eternal president Kim Il-sung and they believe he is their "god".

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Julianne Waters goes by Juche.

What is 'juche'?

Juche Is A Ideology Which Is A Combination Of Soviet Stalinism Which Is Totalitarianism, Strict Firm On Power, With Communist Rule, & Japanese Facism Which Is Also Totalitarianism, Emperor Worship, & Racism As They Said That The Japanese Race Is Superior To All Others Which Made Juche As It Was Made While Stalin Was In Power & Had Roots In The Japanese Annexation Of Korea. So It Took The Ideas Of Japanese Facism & Stalinism.

Why Whang Jang-yop who founded North Korean Juche Idea sought for asylum in the South?

North Korean Juche Idea sought for asylum in south after Jang-yop was founded because his life was in danger.

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How do practice of religion differ between North Korea and South Korea?

In South Korea some people believe the Buddhism, Christian In Northern Korea Marxist Communism is promulgated under the name of Juche (self realization). In many ways and by many commentators Juche is regarded as a religion.