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A fan and a pair of gloves!

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Q: What is Elizabeth I holding in the Ditchley Portrait?
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What do the pearls represent on ditchley portrait?

Purity / Virginity

Who painted the ditchley portrait?

Marcus Gheeraets the Younger

What symbols are on the ditchley portrait?

the sonnet, the gloves, the fan and the roses

What does the ditchley portrait mean?

The Ditchley portrait has many symbols in it. The reason of it being painted was because of Sir Henry Lee, in Ditchley, Oxfordshire. It was painted to commemorate Elizabeth's forgiveness and visit to Sir Henry Lee.Elizabeth used the ditchley portrait to portray that she is a wealthy,able and powerful she is stood on the map of England this shows that she owns the world and all in it.The portrait is in the style of propaganda.Some of the painting has been cut off from the edges (7.5 cm form each side). The writing on the right has also lots parts but this is what the remainder of it says:The prince of light, the Sonne by whom thin(gs)Of heaven the glorie, and of earthe the (grace?)Hath no such glorie as (...) grace to go (...)Where Correspondencie May have no plac(e)Thunder the Image of that power dev(ine)Which all to nothinge with a word c(...)Is to the earthe when it doth ayre r(...)Of power the Scepter, not of wr(...)This ile of such both grace (...) powerThe boundless ocean (...) em(...)P(...) p(rince?) (...) the (...)ll (...)Rivers of thankes retourne for Springes (...)Rivers of thankes still to that oc(ean) (...)Where grace is grace above, po(wer)although we might not understand it Elizabeth's people understood it like everyday words to us also she hid meaning in the portrait that her people would understand so although many think it is a load of rubbish one time it was understood and influenced the people of Elizabeth

When was Ditchley Foundation created?

Ditchley Foundation was created in 1958.

When was Henry Lee of Ditchley born?

Henry Lee of Ditchley was born in 1533.

When did Henry Lee of Ditchley die?

Henry Lee of Ditchley died in 1611.

Who is the rainbow portrait of?

The Rainbow Portrait is of Elizabeth 1.

When was Portrait of the Artist Holding a Thistle created?

Portrait of the Artist Holding a Thistle was created in 1493.

What is Elizabeth holding in her right hand in the rainbow portrait?

A rainbow! Inscribed in Latin "None sine sole iris" meaning there is no rainbow without sun.

Why was the 'Pelican Portrait' painted?

Elizabeth I: The Pelican Portrait, c1575, attributed to Nicholas Hilliard. The portrait was commissioned by the queen.

What has the author Elizabeth Shoumatoff written?

Elizabeth Shoumatoff has written: 'FDR's Unfinished Portrait' -- subject(s): Biography, Portrait painters, Portraits, Watercolorists