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Q: What is Colleen Lopez annual salary on HSN?
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What kind of business did Colleen Lopez run?

Colleen Lopez was the host of the Home Shopping Network (HSN) on Cable TV. Colleen Lopez is worth over 4.5 million dollars and makes an annual salary of almost $900,000.

Where does colleen Lopez on hsn live?


How tall is colleen Lopez of hsn?

Colleen is 52 years old in 2011. Her birthdate is November 3, 1959.

How old is shivan sarna from hsn?

As of today December 16th, Shivan Sarna is 47....Callie is 48......Michelle Sorro is 40 and Colleen Lopez is 52

How old are any HSN hosts?

Shannon Smith is 48. Diana Perkovic is 37. Callie Northagen is 48. Colleen Lopez is 51. Marlo Smith is 42. Alyce Caron is 54. Connie Craig-Carroll is 43. Marlo Smith is 41.

What is hsn host Amy morrison salary and net worth?

2 million

What is the salary of an hsn host?

The average salary of an hen host is around 100,000 dollars a year. Popular hosts can earn quite a bit more. They are sometimes awarded bonuses based on much they sell.

How much do HSN hosts make?

On average, in Canada, a HSN Host can make anywhere between $500,000 to $1 mil. per year. This number varies greatly depending on location, education, work experience and their term with the company. This number is not to say that every host is guaranteed that salary. Realistically, they would start at a much lower salary and make their way up to that amount.

Is HSN known as the shopping channel?

HSN is known as the Home Shopping Network. HSN is a channel on basic cable and statellite television. Clothes, Jewelry, and Electronics can all be purchased on HSN. HSN also operates an online community where products can also be purchased.

How old is Marlo Smith of HSN?

Marlo Smith, an HSN host, is 42.

How many homes do HSN reach?

HSN reaches 95 million homes

Does HSN Jewelry have jewelry for men also?

HSN Jewelry offers jewelry of all types. They do not discriminate against men either. If you want to purchase jewelry for the man in your life you can do so from HSN Jewelry.