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Q: What is 60TV on gold necklace preceded by a star?
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What does star gold 925 mean stamped on necklace and is it real gold or silver?

Star Gold "could" be the brand! 925 used mostly on silver items!

What does the 925 with a star on a gold color necklace mean?

It means that it is gold electroplated silver. The 925 means purest silver. The piece is not gold, it is silver.

Where can you buy the star neck less that Rachel got from Finn?

You can purchase a similar gold star necklace at Forever21 for $1.50! See related links below:

Where offline can a Star of David necklace be purchased?

A Star of David Necklace, is a very popular piece of jewellery and is very often sought after. The Star of David Necklace can be found at a local jewellery store.

What did the consitonal government star out as?

The Articles of Confederation preceded the Constitution.

What symbol is on a Rabbi's necklace?

Star of David

What kingdom is the necklace sea star in?


Were did Annemarie put ellens star david necklace and what will annemarie do with it?

Annemarie hid Ellen's Star of David necklace in her pocket after Ellen and her family were taken away by the soldiers. Annemarie plans to return the necklace to Ellen once it is safe for them to reunite.

Where is Kerry katonas moon and star necklace from?

her necklace is from a jewelry business called dolly dimples, you will find the website on google

What is a sentence for necklace?

I have lost my necklace.He bought her a diamond necklace for her birthday.

When was STAR Gold created?

STAR Gold was created in 1994.

Where can you get moon and star necklace Michaela Conlin wore on bones episode? It is called baby moon and star necklace