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Legacy Insurance (888-793-7888) Companies are always changing their policy numbers as some of the bigger companies buy out some of the smaller companies so Legacy might not be the only one but it does contain "CAL" for sure.

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Q: What insurance company uses CAL in auto policies?
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What car insurance company uses a policy number starting with APV?

Policy numbers are not standardized in any way. This means that it is up to each insurance company what they choose to use for policy numbers. Many companies use PA at the beginning of auto policies for Personal Auto and HO on homeowners policies. Some use numbers only. You cannot tell what company issued a policy by the prefix or suffix of a policy number.

What are some of the benefits to combining your insurance policies?

Insurance policies are contract which the customer and the company uses to seal the agreement and conditions of the insurance. Combining them could result better conditions for the customer as the company would be ready to do some discounts on the service.

What are the milage categories for useage in auto insurance?

This will vary with different insurance companies. To my knowledge there are no laws or regulations relating to this matter but generally the agency overseeing insurance companies in the state have access and approve the manner that each insurance company uses to rate policies. The best way to find out this fact is to ask your agent.

What NJ Auto Insurance company uses 888 for their 3 digit code number?

What is good2go 3 digits number?

What insurance company uses uad in the prefix?

The United Automotive Insurance Company.

What factors determine how much you will pay for auto insurance?

Many, many factors are involved in figuring auto insurance. I have one company that uses 44 different rating factors to calculate auto insurance. It used to be simply: driver age, married or single, zip code, vehicle information, deductibles, limits of liability, and that was about all.

What car insurance company uses a policy number that starts with P?

It's not really possible to determine which insurance company is which by the policy number or the prefix. They differ greatly and many use the same prefix. The letter "P" start many personal auto policies with lots of companies just due to the letter "P" starting personal. Lots use CA for commercial auto. Sometimes the starting letter has to do with the state the policy is in or really has nothing at all to do with anything.

What car insurance company uses a policy number starting with H?

I'm sorry as I have told several people on this forum, there is no way to tell a company by the policy number. Policy numbers are not standardized in any manner so many companies use whatever suits them and their computer system. No one regulates policy numbers and prefixes and suffixes have no meaning except to the individual company themselves if even then. Some companies use the same numbers like using PA for Personal Auto policies or HO for homeowners policies. CA can be a starting prefix for Commercial Auto policies and some companies use just random numbers and letters.

What insurance company uses code 620?


What to do if someone uses your name to illegally get auto insurance?

Contact the office of the insurance commission for your state. They will have a fraud department.

What car insurance company policies start with mil?

There are no requirements dictating what numbers or letters each company uses to start their policy numbers. Whatever rhyme or reason they choose to use is their own internal affair. For this reason there are multiple companies that use the same policy number structure as other companies. There are many companies that start their personal auto policies with PA and their homeowners policies with HO. Some use numbers only while others use combinations of letters and numbers however best fits their computer system.

Which automobile company uses the slagan das auto?