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Apollo's most recognized instrument is the Lyre; a small harp-like stringed instrument, played similarly to a Zither and commonly used during recitations of the Greeks.

In Greek mythology, the Lyre is said to have invented the messenger God, Hermes. Hermes is said to have stolen some of Apollo's sacred. When Apollo found out about the theft, Hermes traded him the Lyre for the cattle.

They lyre was associated with the Apollonian virtue of moderation.

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Q: What instrument did Apollo the Greek god play?
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Which Greek god played an instrument and built the gates of Troy?

The best known Greek god that played an instrument was Apollo, who played the Lyre.

Do Greek gods play musical instruments?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, one of the Greek deities, Apollo, was considered the god of music, and was frequently depicted playing a musical instrument called a "lyre." The Greek mythological hero Orpheus was taught to play the lyre by Apollo, and was said to even be able to charm wild animals with his music.

Description of Greek god Apollo?

Apollo is the god of the sun and music. He is often shown with the lyre, a guitar or harp- like instrument.

What is the musical instrument called which is carried by Apollo Greek God of Arts?


Is the Greek god Apollo Greek?

Apollo is the god of the sun.

What type of musical power did the Greek God Apollo have?

God Apollo had a lyre to play that made the ladies fall in love with him

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Calliope was the Greek God of Poetry, Mime and Prophecy.

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Being a Greek god, Apollo is Apollo in 2011.

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Apollo is the greek god of music and poetry. Apollo is.

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Apollo is a Greek God, they are immortal. They do not die. Hence, Apollo has not died.

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Phoebus seems to be the cloesest answer. He was linked to the Greek god Apollo, god of light.