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Q: What influences the level of intoxication?
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How do you use a intoxication level of 0.00 in a sentence?

Though he acted confused, his blood intoxication level of 0.00 proved he had no alcohol.A blood intoxication level of 0.00 indicates there may be another cause for impairment. A person can have an intoxication level of 0.00 but be impaired from medications.

What can reduce a level of intoxication?

Water. Lots of it.

Which factor does not influence the individuals level of intoxication?


What element can reduce a level of intoxication?

Time is the only element that can reduce the level of intoxication. The body needs time to metabolize and eliminate the alcohol or other substances causing the intoxication. Drinking coffee, taking a cold shower, or engaging in other remedies may help improve alertness temporarily, but they do not actually reduce the level of intoxication.

What is the level of being intoxicated in Minnesota?

For driving in the United States the level per se for intoxication is .08%

What does an breath alcohol test of .109 mean?

It indicates an illegal level of intoxication.

What is an alcohol intoxication?

Intoxication refers to the state of being drunk or otherwise impaired due to the consumption of drugs. In America, DWI refers to "driving while intoxicated".

What three factors that can determine your level of intoxication as compared to someone else?

Weight, Gender, Stomach Contents.

What if your level of intoxication will be a lot higher if you have a bottle of beer rather than a glass of wine.?

true or false

What factors affect the level of intoxication?

If you eat a meal before alcohol consumption, you aren't affected as easily.

Which is a consequence of an individual having a high tolerance for alcohol?

the server may underestimate the individual's level of intoxication

How does eating a meal before drinking affect a level of intoxication?

It can slow the rate at which alcohol is absorbed by the body.