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That depends on what project you are referring to.

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Q: What impediments to pursuing this project do you think existed within general motors?
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Did Ozzy osbourne quit black sabbath?

Yes he was pursuing a solo-project.

Why did manhatton project exist?

During world war 2, the project existed to create the nuclear weapons dropped over Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

What is a general plan called?


The relationship between project management and general management?

General Management is considered to be a high level stakeholder when it comes to Project Management. Project Managers might report directly to General Management, or to executive managers/program managers who then report back to General Management.

General Contractor?

form_title=Find a General Contractor form_header=A general contractor coordinates all aspects of a building project, from foundation work to the finishing touches. Describe the Project:=_ What is the proposed timeline of the project?=_ Would you like an estimate?= () Yes () No

What is difference between project management and general management?

A project is both unique and temporary; unique, in that a project is initiated to produce a specific result, and temporary in that, once the result is achieved, the project team is disbanded. General management is permanent, and has general goals, rather than specific and unique goals.

Is there a difference between a general contractor and a project manager?

There's no resemblance whatsoever between the general contractor and the Project Manager in job functions.

What is product Perspective?

it is a general description of your project

What is the duty of designer in a project?

The duty of designer in a project is to give the plan and general direction of the project. Illustrations and graphics are commonly used to present the project plans.

What does short over view of the project mean?

Short overview of the project most likely means a general summary of what the particular project is about.

Who was in charge of the Manhatten Project?

General Leslie Groves

What are evidence that the Philadelphia project has taken place and succeeded?

The is no evidence at all that the Philadelphia Project ever existed and in fact there is a lot of evidence indicating that it was not real. Basically, the story is a hoax.