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The Space Race was caused by the Cold War. The United States and the Soviet Union used the Space Race to showcase their technological superiority. The Space Race was the battlefront on which the 2 countries fought.

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Q: What impact did the space race have on the cold war?
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Was the cold war only about the space race?

No, the Space Race was only one small part of the Cold War

How did the cold war effect th space race?

how was the cold war and its effect on the space race please give me a correct answer

What was the cold war space race?

The cold war space race was when Russia and America were competing against each other to see who could go to space first.

What are adjectives for the space race?

Cold War.

How did Apollo 11 make an impact on Florida?

It gave hope and excitement that we won the cold war and the space race! It also had an economic impact and employed a lot of people.

How did the space race impact winning the cold war?

A communist society utilized by the USSR throughout the cold war was not setup for expenditures of this magnitude. Throughout the cold war, our main ally was our financial ability to compete in getting into space, landing on the moon first and nuclear arms.

Was the war of words be referred to 1 the arms race 2 the space race 3 cold war 4 coexistence?

Cold war.

Other names for the cold war?

The Space Race And The Arms Race

What are facts about your race into space with the Soviet Union?

The space race was part of the cold war with the soviet union.

What are the nicknames of the Cold War?

the Russian American space race.

What type of rocket was the cold war space race powered by?

it was viteamtht is the answer also it is cold war to and barneyalso

What are some contributions from the cold war?

Atomic energy and the space race (the race for the moon).