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Q: What if your driving privilege will be revoked for years if you leave the scene of a crash involving injury serious bodily injury or death.?
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What is a major traffic violation?

A major traffic violation is a more serious traffic offense. Driving while intoxicated, reckless driving, and driving with a revoked license are all major violations.

Can you wear headphones while driving a vehicle in Florida?

While it is perfectly legal in Texas to do so, as a driver, you must be aware of your surroundings - if both ears are covered by the headphones, you will not be able to hear sirens of approaching emergency vehicles. Driving is a serious responsibility, and a privilege, not a right!! When driving, one needs to concentrate on the road.

Can work driving privileges be transferred from Ohio to Florida?

Not necessarily. Florida's DMV would have to agree to administer Ohio's court ruling. It must be assumed that the questioner is referring to their having committed a very serious driving violation (poss. DUI), and the laws of the two states may confilct and differ on how your driving privilege is affected.

What happens if you get two tickets in a week?

it depends on the tickets, after a certain amount you will have your license revoked, if they are minor such as seatbelt tickets it would not be as serious

Is a first time DUI involving accident but no injury considered a serious misdemeanor in California?

Yes. DUI is considered a serious offense in EVERY state.

What are the major problems related to peer pressure?

Involving yourself in activities that can cause serious problems, such as drug addiction (or overdose), drunk driving, contracting an STI, or becoming pregnant when not ready. Also, the possibility of personal guilt or shame about participating in peer pressure.

What is the unsafe driving behavior that contributes to violations and collisions?

The primary cause of an accident is human error ... where people are not paying enough attention to what is happening all about them, or chatting on the phone, texting, radio volume too loud, etc. Driving a vehicle is a serious matter ... driving is a privilege not a right ... if it were a right you would not need to apply for a license.Turn that mobile phone OFF ... concentrate fully on driving as it deserves 100% of your attention and senses in order to navigate our roadways. The life you save might be your own.

What happens when drunk driving gets really serious?

The punishments get more severe when you have previous DUIs, but driving under the influence is always serious. It's really dangerous and irresponsible.

What was the most serious accident involving nuclear power plants worldwide?

The most serious accident involving nuclear power plants worldwide was Chernobyl because it killed the most people, wiped out an entire city, and still affects people to this day due to the radiation.

What can help teens from drinking and driving?

You can not have kids. That solves the problem. Ok i will be serious now. If you want your teen to stop you need to sit down with them and have the talk with them. Also if your teen does this and gets caught, chances are that they have there license revoked. Or you could ground your teen and take there keys. Unless they paid for the car then just tell them to stop.

What happens when people text while driving?

Serious crashes.

How long before I can take drivers test?

Written test can be taken at age 15½ in many states (be sure to check with your local motor vehicle department) and upon passing will be awarded a "learner's permit" which means that a licenses driver age 21 or more must be in the passenger front seat at all times while you are driving. You must complete a certain criteria of both day and night driving and be sure to practice parallel parking and backing up.After you satisfy the learner's permit requirements you may be eligible to get your permanent license. In order to do that you will have to take a driving test with a motor vehicle department examiner. You will be given instructions by the examiner that you must obey (they will not ask you do do anything illegal) and that may include making turns, stopping at stop signs (be sure to make a full and complete stop or you might fail the test right then and there). The driving test may include parallel parking (which you have done earlier) and backing up.Upon successful passing of the driving test you will be issued a permanent driver's license. Always remember to drive carefully as the life you save might be your own. And ... driving is a privilege ... it is not a right. You license can be revoked if you violate the laws of the road and if serious enough you may not get that license back for several years. Respect that privilege.