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Hurry to the doctor. how could you wait that long and hope for help here? for gosh sakes, you might be quite ill! hurry. read this and take a taxi to the emergency room.

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Q: What if you haven't pooped for 8 days?
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If im 5'6 and havent smoked in months and if i take two hits of weed will i be clean for a drug test in 8 days?

it should be out of your system in 4 days

Is it normal if you haven't pooped in 8 days?

No ... this should occur every few days at the very least. May indicate a blockage which can be very hazardous, healthwise. Please call your doctor or medical professional right away.

Is this proper I haven't aten in days?

Yes you are to say: I havent ATEN in days.

Have not pooped in 4 days and you don't feel the need to. you also have side pain?

bowel cancer

Haven't pooped in 7 days but before the 7 days was clogged up for 2 days normally go about once every 3 days What to do?

You may have to consult a doctor.

You are 280lbs and you havent smoked weed in 45 days can it still be your system?


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Can gallstones cause body odor?

Only if you havent washed in two days

What should you do if you haven't pooped in 8 days?

"blockage" that is awesome. but i would eat a whole load... then take like a laxitive, if that's spelt right. that just might work! I would strongly suggest that you ask a doctor. You may have a blockage.

You havent had any oxycodone for 15 days can it be in your urine?

No. It is out of your system within 48 hours.

What do you do if your newborn hasn't pooped since birth?

It depends on how long it is. If it more than a couple of days then go to the doctor to check for constipation.

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