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150 over 90 is not a good number for someone who is 56 years of age. That kind of blood pressure is in hypertension territory. This can affect the nervous, circulatory, endocrine, and excretory system.

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Q: What if my age is 56 and my blood pressure is150 over 90?
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Is blood pressure 91 over 51?

Normal blood pressure is 120/80 no matter what your age is.

Your blood pressure is 98 over 60 is that ok?

It really depends on the age of the person.

What is blood pressure at 62 years old?

If you're healthy, then it will be between 100/70 and 120/80.

What blood pressure should i be around I'm 78 years old and am taking tablets to lower my blood pressure?

120 over 80 is the idea blood pressure but blood pressure increases with age. 140 over 90 and above is defined as hypertension. You want to be near 120/80 to 139/89 ideally. It also depends on your normal blood pressure range. If you normally run slightly over 120/80 you have a normal high blood pressure and if you run lower than 120/80 you run a normally low blood pressure.

What happens to people's blood pressure as they age?

Many people will develop high blood pressure as they age. Blood vessels become clogged by cholesterol, and in a narrow blood vessel, the pressure will be higher.

What does the readings 112 over 58 mean?

This sort of thing usually refers to Blood Pressure. Systolic vs Diastolic blood pressure, or, pressure of your blood when your heart is beating and between beats. Whether 112 over 58 is good or bad depends on your age, sex, and fitness.

What is normal blood pressure for over 60 woman?

this is almost perfect for that age group, 120 over 80 is considered best

What is dependent variable between age and blood pressure?

The dependent variable would be blood pressure. The independent variable would be age. Of course, there are many factors, other than just age, which determine blood pressure.

Is there a chart of normal blood pressure range for children?

The normal range varies with age, gender, and height (measure as a percentile for age). Check both 'Related Links' to determine average blood pressure.

What is a healthy blood pressure for a child?

On average a healthy blood pressure is about 100 + the child's age over about 70-85. This varies but that is the average healthy bloodpressure For instance, a 27 year olds blood pressure would be: 127 78 Around about MonkeyLover-Dinda

What are blood pressure ranges with age and gender?

a man has a tension and more angry it cause blood pressure

Does age affect blood pressure?

Yes. Insulin production usually decreases with age, which causes blood sugar to rise. This can be counteracted with exercise and a low-GI diet.