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Q: What helps urine flow down the urethers?
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How does urine flow down the ureters?

By magical fairys tickling you clegnuts

What can you do if the ureter becomes tighter and the urine dont flow?

If the Urine is in the bladder and does not flow, you put a catheter through the urethra.

What is a urine flow test?

A urine flow test evaluates the speed of urination, or amount voided per second, and the total time of urination.

What hormones name means against urine flow what condition happens if it is not secreted?

Antidiuretic hormone works against urine flow; if it's not produced, there is excess dilute urine produced.

What can a urine flow test show?

A urine flow test can indicate problems in bladder function, such as an obstruction, that will need further tests to diagnose.

Your urine goes in a two directionThis is a problem or not?

If it doesn't cause pain or impede flow - that is, block or slow down urination - it's no problem.

Could urine flow through the brain?


What is the medical term meaning backflow of urine?

AlkaptonuriaVesicoureteral reflux is the backflow of urine into the kidneys.

Which muscle expels urine in males?

The Blader contracting and the Prostate relaxing to allow urine to flow

What are organisms in urine called that cause infection?

Organisms that cause infection in the urine are called bacteria. The most common bacteria responsible for urinary tract infections are Escherichia coli (E. coli), but other bacteria such as Klebsiella, Enterococcus, and Proteus can also be involved.

What is excessive flow of urine called?

Diabtes Mellitus

Where does the flow of blood in women and urine pass?