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Q: What helps the blood to seal and clot?
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When a blood vessel is injured there are tiny what in the blood that helps clot blood and seal the blood from a cut?

these are known as platelets they are platelets are u dumb or have some type of something

Which cellular fraction in blood helps to clot the blood?

Platelets are the cellular fraction in blood helps to clot the blood. This process is also known as coagulation.

What helps clot blood?


Which helps clot the blood?


What is found in blood which helps it clot?


Do platelet helps clot blood?

Yes.yes, they are

What part of blood helps to clot the blood?

Platelet cells are the component within blood cells that help control bleeding by helping blood to clot.

How does the blood clot over a wound?

Blood cells and strands of fibrin come together to seal the wound.

What vitamin helps your blood to clot?

Mr. chicken

What cell helps blood clot?

the Platelets or thrombocytes

What are the smallest parts of the blood that helps it clot?


The breaking apart of platelets in the blood helps in the?

formation of a clot.