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Q: What health maintenance and health promotion what similarities and differences?
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What are the differences between health education and health promotion?

Health education involves teaching individuals and giving information to the public to achieve better health. Health promotion motivates individuals to accept behavioral change by directly influencing beliefs, values, and attitudes. The two concepts, health promotion, and education, share symbiotic strategies.

When was Global Health Promotion created?

Global Health Promotion was created in 1994.

What does planning mean in relation to health promotion?

planning in relation to health promotion

What is the role of nutrition in the promotion of oral health?

Roles of nutrition in health promotion

When was Health Promotion Practice created?

Health Promotion Practice was created in 2000.

Function of public health nurse in homes?

- health promotion activities - counselling - health education - skills and knowledge of health assessment and promotion

When was Californian Journal of Health Promotion created?

Californian Journal of Health Promotion was created in 2003.

When was Victorian Health Promotion Foundation created?

Victorian Health Promotion Foundation was created in 1987.

What is Victorian Health Promotion Foundation's population?

Victorian Health Promotion Foundation's population is 2,011.

What is the population of Victorian Health Promotion Foundation?

The population of Victorian Health Promotion Foundation is 67.

What are some similarities and differences between North and South America concerning health care?

they in different continents but they r all in America

What are the metaparadigm of nola pender?

Nola Pender strongly believes in cost effective healthcare. She become an ambassador for HPM (Health promotion). Good health does not always mean disease free, she focuses on an indivuals health maintenance and perception of themselves.