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Q: What harmful or toxic reactions to normal doses of common medication?
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How are radioactive elements harmful?

They emit high energy particles, ionizing atoms in organic cells and disrupting many normal reactions in the cell.

What are the reactions of neon?

There are no common reactions by neon. Although it can be forced into some reactions when under extreme conditions, neon is a noble gas with a complete octet of electrons, therefore it does not react under normal circumstances.

If I have 300 milligram on my medication does that mean it is stronger than normal?

Depends upon what normal is for that medication; for you.

You have Endometriosis and your doctor gives you lortabs for pain medication Is this normal?

One of the most common symptoms women feel with endometriosis is pain, light or severe. Lortab is a common drug used to manage pain. This is normal, however, keep in mind that Lortab is a scheduled substance and is an addictive medication, physically and mentally. Caution should be used when taking this medication. If you have concerns about it, consult your prescribing doctor.

Does sucking to normal girl breast is harmful?

nope. sucking to normal girl breast is not harmful

Peeing in uterus?

Peeing in the uterus is a common thing and normal for unborn babies. The urine from the fetus is not harmful to the baby or the mother.

What are the some of the reactions when having botox and taking amoxicillin Can eyelid droop be one of the reactions If yes how long it will take to get normal?

yes this medication can react and cause an eyedroop, I certainly wouldn't give botox injections whilst a patient is taking this, I would wait 2 weeks after the meds then is safe

What is the normal dose of medication?

The question is unclear. The normal dose for one chemical may be up to a thousand times the normal dose for another. Generally a normal dose of OTC medication is prescribed in milligrams (mg)

Is matsuburating harmful?

Masturbation is a normal, healthy expression of human sexuality. It is completely normal.

How is gay good?

Because it's normal and not harmful.

Is blood pressure 111over 69 with pulse 82 harmful?

No it is not harmful. It is considered to be normal in every way.

Which electrons are involved in normal chemical reactions?

The valence electrons.