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you can suffer from seizures, have sore eyes and get very tired, so it is best not to watch too much TV. take frequent breaks, grab a drink/snack and get penty of rest!

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Q: What happens when you watch to much TV?
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What happens watch too much of television?

you can get blind

What happens when you watch tv?

Your eyes will get sore, tired, then go blind!

Do you watch to much television?

Hello,Do you love television?I certainly do.My teacher says that children watch too much television.Raise your hand if we watch too much one.

What happens to your eyes if you watch too much television?

There is no conclusive evidence that sitting too close to the TV can permanently damage your eyes. Your eyes may become tired but there will be no lasting effects.

What happens to kids who watch to much TV?

Scientists believe that the more TV you watch, the worse your grades will be in school. Many parents have found out that their kids imitate the rude behavior and language that they see on TV. Therefore, many parents have limited TV to a certain amount of time for their kids.

Is to much tv bad for you?

Yes only if you watch in dim light or if you watch tv to close. other wise it ain't so bad but try not to watch to much tv still.

How much does it cost to watch tv?

What do you mean "watch" ?

Do men watch too much TV?

no they watch no enough because of the ladies

What if you watch too much TV?

Too much television is definetly bad for you.

Where can you see simpson's tram pararam with parental lock on?

well if your TV has a parental lock and you want to watch that show try and watch see what happens if you can not watch it then no if you can then yes

How much does it cost to watch shows on project tv?

The average price to watch project tv is $9.99 a month.

What happens if you watch TV to long?

you start feeling yourself up then you haf sex with a pillow