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Blood comes out and i dont get your question enough to answer more.

ask me personally a question if you have any

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Q: What happens when you start your period?
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What happens if you start your period and its not time to?

Most likely just an irregular period.

What happens to your menstrual cycle if you start birth control pills two Sundays after period ended?

you will get your period when you start taking your "period" placebo pills in your pack

What happens if you start your period?

you should put in a tampon and wear a pad in your underwear

Why would you start your period a week before you are due?

sometimes it just happens... :/

What does it mean if you usually start your period on the day you start your sugar pills but your last period didn't start until 4 days into sugar pills?

This sometimes happens with birth control.

Is it normal for you to start a period if your shot is due?

Yes it happens to me ever shot round

What happens to your body after you stop birth control?

You start to ovulate and get your period back and you can get pregnant again.

What happens if you've already conceived when you start taking birth control pills?

You should not be pregnant when you start taking the pills as you start taking them within a week of the start of your period and if you have a period you are 99.5% sure you are not pregnant. However if you are pregnant the pills will have no effect.

What are do girls start their periods normally?

Girls can possibly start there period when there 11 or 12. That's a phrase of puberty or a process of " dirty " blood to process out of you body. I'm 11 and I started my period Happens 1 or 2 times a month To me 2 time happens

What happens when a girl starts her period?

When you first start your period you might have a little discomfort but it only lasts a couple of days with some bleeding of course.

Where does puberty usually start at?

Mostly when you feel like your underwear is getting wet a lot. If that's happens you might want to start getting ready for your period. It happens all the time. Even the first few days when your not on your period you'll start getting cramps in your stomach! Don't worry your just turning into a woman!

Can you get pregent at 13?

If by thirteen, you've started your period, then yes. But, you can get pregnant before you start, but that very rarely happens.