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NO2-(aq) + H2O HNO2(aq) + OH -(aq)

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Q: What happens when you put sodium nitrite in water?
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What happens when you put sodium chloride into water?

Sodium chloride is easily dissolved.

What happens when sodium catches fire in water?

Sodium is very seceptable to moister if it contacts moister it will have a violet chemical recation, that is what happens when it is put in water the sodium is reacting with the water.

How do you prepare 1000 ppm sodium nitrite?

1. Weigh 0,1 g of dry ultra pure sodium nitrite (NaNO2) on a metrologically checked analytical balance. 2. Dissolve the weighed sodium nitrite in 1oo mL distilled water in a 1 L volumetric flask. 3. Put the volumetric flask in a water bath at 20 0C and maintain at this temperature 30 min. 4. Add slowly distilled water up to the mark. 5. Put the cap on the flask and stir vigorously 1 min. 6. Transfer the solution in a glass or plastic container. 7. Attach a label with: name and concentration of the solution, data, name of the operator.

What happens when you put salt and pepper in a glass of water?

Sodium chloride is dissolved and dissociated in water.

What happens if you put saltbon dry ice?

You will have some dry water sodium. Salty dry ice.

What happens when you put sodium nitrate in 30c?

it dissolves into water because the sodium nitrate is a type of salt that is better dissolving in water so when it hits 30 degrees it will already be dissolving.

What happens to a blood cell in a sodium solution?

If a blood cell is put into a high sodium solution it will become crenated (shrivel up). Water will flow out of the cell into the solution. If it is put in a low sodium solution it will absorb water/expand outward. If the sodium concentration of the blood cell and outside environment are the same, nothing will happen.

What is your new substance called after you put sodium into water?

Sodium will react with water to produce sodium hydroxide (NaOH) and water.

What happens when you put sodium in water?

When sodium is put in water, it reacts vigorously, producing hydrogen gas and forming sodium hydroxide. The reaction is exothermic, meaning it releases heat, and can sometimes result in a small explosion due to the rapid production of hydrogen gas. It is important to handle this reaction with caution and in a controlled environment.

What happens to animal cells when they are put into really salty water?

The cells will lose water through diffusion to the salty medium until the concentrations of sodium in the cell is equal to the concentration in the medium

Why is sodium put in oil?

Sodium is very reactive in water. Thus to prevent it from reacting with air and water, it is stored in oil.

What pH is sodium chloride plus water?

all depends on how much water you put in and how much sodium chloride you used