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Q: What happens when you hit your head and you get fluid on the front?
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What are the hit spotts for battle front 2?

hit any thing in the head it does the most damage :)

What happens when you are hit in the head with a hockey puck and died?

Hopefully they bury you.

What happens if you are hit over the head every day?

You would have a headache.

What might happen if you were hit very hard on the front of your head?

you will have a canser and die

What happens if you hit your head then you vomit?

Symptoms of a severe concussion, go see a doctor immediately.

What happens when you wear a bike helmet in a accident?

If you hit your head on something, the helmet will spread and soak up some of the energy of the hit, reducing your risk of head injury. If you don't hit your head, the helmet won't do anything. In extremely rare cases, the helmet will snag on something and yank on your head/neck.

What happens in hoot when roy runs onto the golf course?

He gets hit in the head with a golf ball

What happens to a person after being hit in the head and has a seizure?

They could get knocked out and go blank for a couple hours.

What happens to kenicky on thunder road?

He hit his head and could not race the car, so Danny took over for him.

What happens if you hit someone in the head with a bat and its your first crime?

well if you did it your smart but it would probably be misdemeanor assault

If you hit your head and it makes a hollow sound what does that mean?

It means your head isn't solid bone. It really means you have a skull that resonates as a result of your head shape, and sinus cavities in the front of your skull.

If you saw a white light when hit in the forehead what does that mean?

I tripped and hit my head so I went to the ER just to be on the safe side. I also saw that flash of white light, and that scared me to death. I was diagnosed with a mild concussion.