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Q: What happens when you don't sleep for a week?
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What happens if you dont sleep for four days?

you start hallucinating

What happens if you have too much sleep?

basiclly,NOTHING.i dont think its possible though

What happens if you don't get any sleep for an week?

You will have headaches, red eyes, and your brain won't function and think normal. You will hallucinate alot, or just be dead by then. DONT DO IT. I tried it for 2 days, and I was hearing things and I did horrible in school.

What if your sister wants a stuffed toy your parents gave you for Christmas?

if you dont want it give it to her out of love or if you want it you could sleep with it for a week and the other week you could give it to her or if you dont want that you could kindly tell her no

What happens if you dont eat food only water for one whole week?

You could get sick.

When was Sleep Is for the Week created?

Sleep Is for the Week was created in 2006-08.

What happens when you dont sleep for 2 nights in a row?

When you don't sleep for 2 nights in a row what happens is you will start to feel lethargic and could nod off to sleep anywhere. You may also be irritable and absentminded or not able to concentrate. It is not good to deprive the body of sleep so it is advisable to rest.

What happens if you were locked for a week on Movie Star Planet?

after a week try to log in if it dont work make another account or mail them x

When you miss sleep can you gain it back again by sleeping more the next day?

yaa of course just dont stay up 1 week and sleep for 5 months!!

What kind of penguins can sleep on water?

No penguins can sleep on water.

What happens if you are on the pill and you spot onE DAY ON WEEK 1 and another on week 2 but dont get your period?

If you don't get your period on week four, chances are good that you're pregnant.

Who dies in there sleep every week?

Hundreds of people die in their sleep every week.