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Particulate matter and other substances harmful to humans are removed in this process, although it depends on the extent and level of filtration.

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Q: What happens when water is filtered?
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What happens at the glomerular membrane?

Water and dissolved solute are filtered into Bowman's capsule.

What happens to sperm when it goes down the toilet does it get filtered by water treatment?

All waste water travels to a water treatment site through underground pipes and is filtered clean before being released.

What happens that kidney stop working?

u get a better filtered water in ur body

What happens to groundwater when water is pumped out of a well?

It comes out of an auqafer in the ground and then gets filtered, then it comes to is in the stores..........

What happens to the water from a decommissioned nuclear power plant?

During the cooling process, the water becomes contaminated with radionuclides – unstable atoms with excess energy – and must be filtered to remove as many radionuclides as possible. The filtered water is then stored in huge steel tanks or released into nearby bodies of water.

Is tap water better then bottled water for plants?

That depends if the tap water is filtered or not. Bottled water is filtered, and some tap water isn't, but if the tap water is filtered, then both kinds of water are the same healthiness to plants.

What is removed when water is filtered?

what is removed when water is filtered is all of the bad things in the water filter. hope this answers your question.

Is filtered water better than pipe water?

While filtered water has less germs pipe water has more minerals and vitamins

Is tap water filtered?

water is filtered in large machines, and takes 72 hours to clean, and then gets bottled, and sold.

Which is the best conductor of electricity and why 1-filtered hot water 2-distilled water 3-filtered water at room temperature 4-salt water?

Salt water

What happens to water in a water treatment work?

First the water is filtered through screens to remove large objects. Then a chemical is added to make solids stick together and sink to the bottom. Then fluoride is added

Is it best to use filter water for gardening?

If you are gardening outside filtered water is not necessary considering rain fall is not filtered. However if you have a greenhouse filtered water may be your option to help grow your plants bigger and brighter