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Q: What happens wheh you eat shoe polish?
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What happens when you eat shoe polish?

you die

Do you eat shoe polish?

Yes, with a side dish of fabric cleaner.

Why does nail polish eat at foam?

Nail polish has acid in it.

Can you eat shoes if they are made of leather?

No, you cant eat shoe. Shoe is made out of leather, but you still cant eat it. :( SRRY ):

Is nail polish deadly?

No nail polish is Not deadly, it only is if you eat it.

Can you eat shoe lace?


Can you use human polish on dogs?

no becuase dogs may eat the polish

How do you make nail polish explode?

Eat it

Did polish people eat cucumbers?

yes they did

Do the Polish eat hamsters?

Most definitely no.

Do Polish people eat cats?

no but china does

What do you use a Nike shoe for?

you are meant to eat it