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There is no such thing as a soul.

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Q: What happens to your soul when you sleep?
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Can a person's soul come out of him in his sleep?

Only if he dies in his sleep.

What was the secret ending of Birth by Sleep about?

sora gets to have ventus's soul sleep in him

Does your soul leaves your body when you sleep?


What happens when you die in your sleep?

You won’t be able to wake up anymore, and your soul or spirit either goes to heaven or hell.

Where does the soul go when human body sleep?


What has the author H Wijsenbeek-Wijler written?

H. Wijsenbeek-Wijler has written: 'Aristotle's concept of soul, sleep and dreams' -- subject(s): Dreams, Sleep, Soul

Hi can anyone tell me where your soul goes when you go to sleep does it stay with you or does it go somewhere is there some way i can find out video camera does not work?

When you go to sleep your soul is within you and without your soul you are dead,your soul is like your blood and heart so without it your are not alive so when a person sleeps and never wakes up that means they don't have a soul in them to live so when u go to sleep your soul is in your body btw good ques.

What do you believe happens to a dogs soul once they leave us?

According to the Bible only man has a soul and thus nothing happens to a dog's soul, since there isn't one.

What happens when your soul is shattered?

It can't

What happens to your heart when you sleep?

Your heart beats slowly when you sleep.

What happens if you trade your soul for a lifetime supply of polka dot underwear?

Nothing happens-becuase you can't. No kid has the power to trade your soul.

What are all of Jesse McCartney's songs?

Beautiful soul , leavin , how do you sleep.