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When a property is condemned, the state takes it over. All people living there are required to vacate and find someplace else to live.

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Q: What happens to you when your house is condemned?
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What does a landlord do when threatened to have a house condemned?

The landlord can correct the problems for which the house can be potentially condemned. But the landlord cannot evict the tenant just for saying that.

What makes a house condemned?

Your Local Municipality or Housing authority can condemn a house

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Does an insurance company pay for a house that has been condemned?

It depends on why it was condemned. Call your insurance agent and claims department and ask them.

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how do you get a home condemed in brevard fl

What happens to your mortgage if your condo is condemned in California?

You can find the answer you want by asking the mortgage holder.

Will home owner's insurance cover the cost of your house if it is condemned?

No, Homeowners insurance does not provide coverage for maintenance or lack thereof. If the home has been condemned then it is no longer insurable.

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